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Visual detection of liquids, hydrates or foam combined with image processing provides an alarm that can greatly reduce risk and improve operational performance of gas treatment plants and gas networks.


Detecting Gas Contamination



LineVu is a camera system that can be permanently installed on high pressure natural gas systems. When installed downstream of a gas/liquid separator it provides a live video stream of the gas leaving the separator system. Image processing is used to provide operators with a highly sensitive alarm if there is a break-through that contaminates the gas stream.

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Condensate Recovery 

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Failure to remove all liquids at the exit of a gas treatment plant (the gas contactor) results in contamination of the gas exiting the treatment plant. Even though the gas has been dehydrated and is therefore “dry”, entrained glycol, used to remove water vapour (MEG or TEG), can impact on condensate recovery.

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Foam Management 

Foaming is a common problem in gas treatment, and is responsible for significant loss of production in many plants around the world. Now, a new system can prevent these losses, and help boost gas production to optimum levels.


Flow Assurance

Liquid carryover into gas networks is a continuing problem around the world. Despite regulatory and commercial requirements dictating that gas at the entry point to a network should be free of liquids and solids, every year liquids cause significant damage to gas turbines and compressors on the network.