Bespoke Systems

With our love of innovation, we help transform ideas into success. We listen (and then listen some more!) to thoroughly understand our customer needs.  We have a collaborative approach and a deep commitment to quality. This means that we can solve the most complex R&D challenges and quickly deliver tangible benefits to your business.

Whether it's an adaptive solution or a new system, our development team can build a product for scale. We translate complicated requirements into easy-to-use products and have found that integrating and distributing data allows our clients to make evidence-based operational decisions.


We combine expertise in science and technology with our love of problem-solving. Our R&D team have specific skills and experience in developing:

  • fully integrated and distributed video, still shot and data management systems providing secure notifications and access to data via web browsers and mobile devices.

  • end to end encryption and two-step authentication.

  • data overlays to provide users with both images and data on one user interface.

  • remote system health monitoring.

  • relay, email, text and push notifications upon alarm.

  • image processing to provide multiple alarm conditions.

  • optical sensing systems for harsh environments.

Rapid Development

Our in-house facilities allow us to rapidly produce prototypes moving from 3D CAD to 3D print and then to CNC machined metal parts within a week if necessary.

Image Processing

Image processing is getting increasingly powerful. For more difficult processing tasks, our team combines traditional image processing with cutting edge machine learning systems to develop highly sensitive, multi-level alarm conditions.   

For further information please contact Paul Stockwell | Managing Director

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