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Paul Stockwell | Managing Director


With 28 years’ experience, Paul is a leading authority in moisture measurement, and pioneered the use of tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy for natural gas measurements which has now become an industry standard method for moisture measurement in natural gas. In 1991, Paul created International Moisture Analysers Ltd (IMA) with business partner David Parker (now retired). From the outset, IMA was formed to respond to a growing need for a specialist company in moisture measurement in gases, liquids and solids. Paul developed IMA to have the ability to look at multi-species analysis. He is responsible for external training courses for moisture and dew point measurement, and has served on working parties for the National Physical Laboratory for the improvement of moisture measurement in very dry gases. Since the inception of IMA, Paul has encouraged new technologies, particularly in optical-based measurements, applied to the oil and gas industry and has been the driving force behind Process Vision.


Paul strongly believes that Process Vision can make a significant difference to the oil & gas industry by improving process throughput, reducing maintenance costs and CO2 emissions, and encouraging young engineers.

James Fisher | Non Executive Director

Working with Capital For Business, helping private businesses grow. Over 30 years of Portfolio Management experience with JPMorgan Asset Management, working in both London and Hong Kong. He has managed large cap equity portfolios for both institutional and retail clients, specialising in World ex-US equity. He has a specialist knowledge of portfolio diversification and construction together with equity analysis and valuation, as well as risk and return within public equity markets. He brings a background of experience in both corporate governance and capital structure. James has a BA (Hons) from University of Reading.


Dr David Fairclough | Director of Global Sales  

David graduated with a PhD in chemistry with a thesis on Raman spectroscopy. He is a dynamic Sales Manager with a proven track record in leadership and revenue growth, backed with extensive experience in a wide range of analytical instrumentation for process and laboratory equipment to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Plastics, Government and Academic markets.


David has a strong business acumen and possesses persuasive negotiating skills, influencing key decision makers at all levels. He has distribution channel management experience, particularly in the EMEIA region with a wide range of analysers including: FTIR, Raman, CEMS, TDL, X-Ray, NMR, GC, physical property analysers, mass spectroscopy and UV-Vis analysers.

Simon White | Operations Director

Simon has particular expertise in developing effective teams that can meet any challenge, and a strong engineering background with over 20 years’ experience of R&D and production management at Technical Director level.


A versatile and successful solution-focused manager, Simon has a talent for leading teams and heading complex operations. With a history of driving forward efficiencies and maximising performance, he has consistently reduced costs and delivered profitable growth. Simon is a proficient strategist with both in-depth project knowledge and financial expertise to evaluate existing processes and deliver necessary change. A 'hands-on' leader he is able to encourage excellence from employees and enhance business performance. Simon has demonstrated that he is commercially astute and quality focused, with strong analytical, problem-solving and decision-making abilities, transforming operations through the introduction of new processes and systems that have achieved consistently profitable trading.


Stephen Foale | Chief Financial Director


A hands-on qualified accountant, company secretary and business coach, Stephen has significant start-up, SME & public company, financial reporting, tax management, corporate governance, corporate finance and commercial management experience. His experience also includes; IPOs, acquisitions, disposals, joint-ventures, capital & debt raising, secretarial, legal, insurance, & property matters and systems implementation. As Finance Director of three listed PLC groups between 1989 -2007, Stephen gained significant experience in general business management. His particular skills are in financial management, business plan or information memorandum preparation, financial modelling, fundraising, investment readiness, corporate structuring, M&A, exit management and legal and tax aspects of investment and/or exit.


Since 2007 Stephen has been a business coach, with specific emphasis on corporate structure, investment readiness and access to government-backed finance programmes. Through these programmes Stephen provides coaching to well over 250 high growth SMEs, acts as Account Manager to some clients, and aids fellow Account Managers’ clients where specific financial management/fundraising guidance is required. He also presents at breakfast briefings and workshops and gives the Financial Management and Control session at the Henley Business School Accelerator Programmes, all run by VitalSix Ltd, a business support organisation based at Reading University.


In 2008, Stephen co-founded, and is Chairman of, Finance Heads, a collaboration of 20+ independent qualified accountants, with significant corporate management experience, each operating as part-time FDs/CFOs.


Harry Thorpe BSc (Hons) R&D Manager

Harry is an experienced R&D Manager. A highly motivated self-starter with a BSc (Hons) in Robotics (1st), he is passionate about bringing cross-functional teams together to solve and improve solutions. He has created a highly dynamic R&D environment at Process Vision which has led to reduced development times. Harry is multi-skilled and has proved he has a flair for creativity and in-depth technical knowledge in robotics, mechanics, electronics, software and firmware development. Harry has been instrumental in moving the Company's R&D activities forward through the introduction of Scrum, instigating new methods & processes. He has led the R&D activities providing technical expertise in many Innovate UK projects and internally driven deliveries.