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In an exciting development, Process Vision is proud to introduce Charlie Gates as the newest member of our team. As the company’s Internal Sales Engineer, Charlie brings a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set that is poised to make a significant impact.

Charlie’s professional journey began in an Admin/Process role, where her abilities quickly set her apart. Demonstrating a natural talent for driving company-wide system projects and implementing new processes and training. However, her true passion lies in sales, which led her to embark on a groundbreaking project. She successfully established a drop-ship account for a leading online retail platform in the UK, none other than Amazon. Remarkably, her efforts resulted in 1000+ monthly orders, exceeding growth and profitability targets in a remarkable span of just six months. She ensured seamless order fulfilment and maintained compliance with the stringent standards of Amazon, a testament to her dedication and attention to detail.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Charlie leads a vibrant and fulfilling life. Balancing her dedication to work, she finds time to hit the gym, indulge in delightful date nights, and socialises with friends. Charlie, enjoys history, architecture, and gastronomy, actively creating lasting memories through travel, eventful weekends, and leisurely walks.

Charlie’s arrival at Process Vision aligns perfectly with the company’s vision and goals. Her primary objective is to build and nurture strong relationships with our valued customers, acting as the friendly face of the business. By prioritising customer needs, she aims to drive the company forward, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction and fostering growth for the organisation. Her solution-oriented mindset and commitment to surpassing expectations are expected to bring about innovative approaches and exceptional results.

Process Vision warmly welcomes Charlie Gates to our family.

About the author

About the author

Paul Stockwell, the managing director of Process Vision, is a renowned authority in moisture measurement with 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He founded International Moisture Analysers (IMA) and played a key role in advancing moisture measurement techniques. Notably, he introduced tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy for natural gas measurements, revolutionizing the field and establishing it as the industry standard method. Throughout his 20-year tenure as managing director, Paul has gained valuable insights into process optimization, cost reduction, and safety enhancement. His vision for Process Vision encompasses improving process throughput, reducing maintenance costs and CO2 emissions, and nurturing young engineering talent, aiming to make a significant difference in the oil and gas industry.

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